Meeting convening periods

A number of convening periods in corporate insolvency administrations are outlined by the legislation as to when they called and held.

  • Holding first voluntary administration meeting:
    within 8 business days after the administration begins.
  • Convening period to call second voluntary administration meeting:
    20 business days from first business day after appointment.
  • Extension to convening period:
    If the day after the administration begins is in December or is less than 25 business days before Good Friday, 25 business days beginning on that day, or if not next business day.
  • Holding Second voluntary administration meeting:
    within 5 business days before or after the end of the convening period.
  • Holding initial creditors voluntary liquidation meeting:
    within 11 days after appointment allowing for 7 days' notice.
  • Holding other liquidation meetings:
    At any time during appointment with 10 business days' notice.
  • Final Meetings in voluntary liquidations:
  • At end of appointment with 1 month notice